GAIN Equine Nutrition Update – 9th October

GAIN Equine Nutrition Update – 9th October

GAIN Equine Nutrition wishes to confirm that equine feed production resumed on Monday, October 5th after a temporary pause over last weekend.

Deliveries to customers and retail sales outlets recommenced on Wednesday and the team are working to replenish stocks as quickly as possible across all markets.

The swift return to full production was made in consultation with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM), the regulatory body for feed production.

On Friday, October 2, we advised our customers to refrain from feeding their existing stock of GAIN equine products to their animals. We believe that this is the appropriate advice and it remains in place pending further discussion with DAFM.

GAIN has made significant progress in the investigation into the source of the issue and is working closely with DAFM on this matter.

Martin Ryan, Head of GAIN Equine Nutrition,

“We apologise sincerely to our valued customers for any inconvenience caused. The entire GAIN team would also like to thank customers and the equine community for the support shown to them in recent days.’’

Zilpaterol is approved for use as a feed supplement to enhance performance in some beef production systems outside the EU. It is important to highlight that this substance is not approved for usage within the EU and has never formed part of any formulation in any GAIN animal nutrition ranges.