GAIN Equine Nutrition Update

GAIN Equine Nutrition Update

5 October 2020: Following a weekend of intensive testing and data analysis, GAIN Equine Nutrition wishes to provide an update on the investigation into the presence of an unapproved feed supplement identified in our equine feed range.

We have made significant progress in our investigation and are working closely with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM), who are the regulatory body responsible for the feed sector in Ireland.

Following consultation with DAFM, we have re-commenced equine feed production and will be in contact with our customers regarding resumption of feed supply.

We continue to ask our equine customers to refrain from feeding their current stock of GAIN Equine products to their animals.

We again apologise sincerely to our valued customers for the inconvenience caused by this incident and we are committed to promptly keeping you fully informed.


  • Zilpaterol is approved for use as a feed supplement to enhance performance in some beef production systems outside the EU. It is important to highlight that this supplement is not approved for usage within the EU and has never formed part of any formulation in any GAIN animal nutrition ranges.
  • A potential issue was first alerted to us based on positive test results from samples taken by France Galop from some horses fed on our products in France.
  • Following receipt of this information, our Quality Control team immediately commenced testing our feed products, both those in market and retained samples.
  • Immediately on receipt of a positive test result on some individual feed samples on the morning of last Friday 2 October, we notified all the relevant authorities and issued an advisory statement to our equine customers.