Team GAIN riders Greg Broderick, Cian O’Connor and Denis Lynch finish second in the Aga Khan

Team GAIN riders Greg Broderick, Cian O’Connor and Denis Lynch finish second in the Aga Khan

Photo credit Sonya Dempsey

MHS Going Global & Greg Broderick in action for Ireland. Photo credit Sonya Dempsey

The Irish Show Jumping team finished as runners-up in Friday’s Aga Khan Nations Cup contest at the RDS, with a pulsating competition ending with a jump-off between the home side and Italy.


An incredible display saw Robert Splaine’s Irish quartet finish two rounds of jumping on a zero score, which was only matched by an inspired Italian side.


Both countries then had to nominate one rider each for a third round jump-off against the clock, where speed specialist Piergiorgio Buicci came out on top against Team GAIN rider Denis Lynch to give Italy their first Aga Khan victory since 2009. The USA and Sweden finish tied for third place, while Britain and Netherlands shared fifth place.


A thrilling afternoon of action saw Team GAIN riders Greg Broderick with The Irish Sport Horse MHS Going Global and Cian O’Connor with the stallion Good Luck, both jump perfect double clear rounds. Denis Lynch also never touched a pole over the two rounds of jumping, adding just a time fault second time out. Bertram Allen also delivered a clear second round with the stallion Hector van d’Abdijhoeve.


Horse Sport Ireland Show Jumping Team Manager Robert Splaine said:


“I would like to congratulate the Italian team, they were great as were our team today. We didn’t underestimate anyone I knew it would be tough. I think Nations Cup jumping is a fantastic spectacle and today highlighted this. To finish on a zero score is normally a winning score but the Italians match us pound for pound and on this occasion came out ahead.


“When it came down to a jump-off we discussed it at length and decided Denis was the man for the job  His horse has a huge stride and in this big arena we felt was capable of doing things the opposition couldn’t and it certainly looked like it was going our way up to the very last jump. I would like to thank the riders, owners and the huge crowd for the wonderful support and encouragement they gave they gave as always.,” he said.


The runner-up finish means Ireland are now guaranteed a place in the Furusiyya Nations Cup final in September and have also confirmed their position among the top tier of World  Show Jumping again for 2017.



Irish team scores


Denis Lynch/All Star 0/1

Greg Broderick/MHS Going Global (ISH) 0/0

Bertram Allen/Hector van d’Abdijhoeve 8/0

Cian O’Connor/Good Luck 0/0


Two round team total 0 faults

Jump-off – Denis Lynch/All Star 6 faults 57.84,

– Piergiorgio Buicci/Casallo Z 0 faults 57.84