• Sport 10 Mix

    High specification oat free, low protein performance mix.

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    “My horses are in great form and are only fed GAIN Equine Nutrition”

    Cian O’Connor
    International Show Jumper


    – Suitable for High-performance horses, Eventers, Showjumpers and Trotters
    – Concentrated energy from a combination of cereals, super-fibres and oils provides both quick and slow releasing energy supplies to maintain condition at high performance levels
    – Highly palatable ingredients including herbs help to maintain consistent intakes and encourage fussy feeders
    – Elevated oil level contributes to energy supply and helps to maintain a healthy coat
    – High quality protein sources containing essential amino acids to support muscle tone
    – Bioplex® trace minerals including Copper, Zinc and Manganese ensure maximum availability to help maintain performance and well being
    – Yea-sacc® live-yeast improves fibre digestion, nutrient uptake and hindgut health
    – High levels of antioxidants including elevated vitamin E help support immune function.

    – Selplex organic selenium helps to maintain additional antioxidant support
    – Proviox natural plant antioxidants support vitamin E utilisation

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