• 12% Competition Mix – Replacing Horse & Pony Museli

    12% Competition Mix is suitable for many scenarios from leisure to competition riding, pre-training of racehorses, wintering store horses and can be used as a maintenance diet for broodmares outside of peak lactation and the last 3 months of pregnancy where they require a higher specification product (See our Stud Range for information).

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    “My horses are in great form and are only fed GAIN Equine Nutrition”

    Cian O’Connor
    International Show Jumper


    • Ideal for competition and leisure horses and ponies in light to medium work
    • Balanced blend of cereals, super-fibres and oils provides fuel for sustained performance.
    • Cooked flaked cereals guarantee high digestibility and maximise energy release.
    • Oat-free composition provides an equine fuel option without oat starch.
    • 12% protein provides the essential amino acids to support muscle tone
    • Bioplex® trace elements including Copper, Zinc and Manganese maximise availability.
    • Selplex® organic selenium helps to maintain additional antioxidant support.
    • Vitamin E included at 300IU/kg provides antioxidant support.
    • Proviox natural plant antioxidants support vitamin E utilisation.
    • Yea-Sacc® live yeast helps promote fibre digestion, nutrient absorption and good gut function.
    • Mint provides extra palatability and helps support performance.

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