• Easy Go Cubes

    Easy Go Cubes are similar to Cool ‘N’ Easy Mix in that they contain moderate energy levels and are oat free. However, the overall cereal content of Easy Go cubes is much lower than Cool ‘N’ Easy giving a very low starch level.

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    “My horses are in great form and are only fed GAIN Equine Nutrition”

    Cian O'Connor
    International Show Jumper


    • High fibre, low protein ‘cool’ composition suits excitable types.
    • Oat-free, Alfalfa based, low starch formulation provides slow release energy.
    • Fully fortified with major minerals, trace elements and an excellent vitamin pack.
    • Bioplex® Copper and Zinc help to guarantee maximum mineral availability.
    • Selplex® organic Selenium helps to maintain additional antioxidant support.
    • Useful for early stages of fittening programmes, good doers or overweight animals.
    • Yea-Sacc®1026 (live yeast) improves fibre digestion, nutrient uptake and hindgut health.
    • Low starch level provide nutritional support for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

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